I Have a Theory for My Potential Recovery (Inflammation)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rb86, Jul 14, 2019.

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      I have noise induced tinnitus, 6 weeks in. The constant these days is the hiss. A couple weeks ago it was more of a swallow soda or pop rocks candy in your head/throat feeling. Now it's much more like someone had mentioned - pouring sand onto glass. Varying volumes over the days which I find correlated to lack of sleep.

      My low end part is not pulsatile, nor vibrating or hum. I don't believe it's TTTS, or MEM. It is like a subwoofer in the distance, varies but was largely receptive to my course of Prednisone. Which at onset was super loud. The AC running, planes,, trucks and the fridge all produce similar Hz frequencies, which I'm super sensitive to now for some reason. Not in a painful way, just hyper alert of them now. Most sadly is that it exists on its own in quiet rooms, yet oddly, in the very well insulated laundry room, it 99 percent of the time ceases to exist.
      I can't figure out much about this part, but it does seem to correlate to the "full ear" feeling. Which also varies.

      I also have a quiet room only, roughly 960 Hz tone in my right ear. Like someone else mentioned on another thread, I can modulate or stop this tone if I press firmly on the tragus. In and out it goes off and on, no matter how fast I do it.

      Without a doubt, from most anxiety causing to least, for me anyway, it goes ear fullness, low tone, hiss and 960 Hz.

      So, what helps? Every weekend I've been going to a local mountain, driving to the top, hanging out for a while, then coming down to cause my ear to pop. Not always, but usually, this pop happens a couple times, and I can somehow feel the cool AC air flow "in there" and hear a little better in that ear. This doesn't last long, but is indicative that there's inflammation if my hearing improves for a minute or so.

      Driving in general is calming. I also find icee type drinks feel cool and soothing on that side that the ear pops.

      Sometimes my throat muscles feel sore for some reason. Almost as if I was pushing my tongue out for a long time or something.

      All of this points to inflammation being a strong aspect to my symptoms.

      As many have noted on this forum, the full ear feeling tends to subside for them largely after 6 months to a year. If steroids positively effect things, that further makes me think inflammation is a large culprit.

      I think this is a really large aspect to everyone suffering from noise trauma. The positive note here is that it will subside after a lot of time.

      Trying to spread positive vibes for us all.
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