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Discussion in 'Support' started by untamed wolf, Mar 2, 2016.

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      My T journey so far have been interesting. I got T when I was at the lowest of my lowest and the day after I was crying in a bus due to pure pressure of my own expectations. T and my newly found issues spun out of control and I isolated myself. Now that I have stepped out of the hole and back to a brighter place I am working like crazy to get back on the track I used to be on. But with all the new solutions and answers I get there is even more questions. I cannot answer them myself and I have come here to see if any of you are up for it.

      Now my first question is something that have only frustrated me for a few weeks, but I am going insane. I just got a mouthguard due to overused muscles, but it seems to be throwing my bite off. Is that normal?

      My sounds is changing a lot, but when asked to describe it I used to say pulsating, now I am leaning towards oscillating. Is that sign of inflammation, maybe due to my TMJ?

      I have had a clog in my T ear for 5 months, why? plus my ears crackle when I swallow or drink, what is up with that?

      I have servere muscle problems and the list goes on and on, but today after my physiotherapist appointment I swear it was almost gone, could muscles be the culprit?

      I know it's a lot of questions but not many people will give me the hard facts because I am only 17, they will sugarcoat it or simplify their language. I want real facts and answers.
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      It sounds like I've been through everything you have. T when I was a teenager, mouthguard (which my dog ate), crackling ear, etc... My old mouthguard never did leave me feeling better, almost like more tension in other parts was the result. That was years ago. I felt isolated too, for years. A very surprising treatment for my left clogged ear was a maneuver a doctor showed me. He knew the drops and pills weren't fixing me. He told me to grab my ear, pull it straight out and rotate it forward then backward several times a day. He told me to keep at it, that it may take time. After a few weeks one day a bunch of junk came out and it's been OK since. This was about 1980. I remember telling him and he wasn't surprised. He said, "You were congested." You may find some help watching my new video on the last page of "Back To Silence" in the Success Stories area.
      Good luck.

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