I Have Recently Gotten Tinnitus :(

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      Just here to introduce myself and hopefully find something that has worked for someone else and will work for me. I've had t for about three weeks now. I've went to the doctor, who told me it should go away and that if it doesn't to come back in 2 weeks and he'll send me to a specialist. I'm not sure what type it is, it's a high pitch ringing that never ends. The first couple of days I was really freaked out so I took to google which led me to all types of different things from miracle drugs to Gaby Olthuis (a t sufferer from Holland who had herself euthanized) which really freaked me out. I've found a few things I've decided to try because I figured they can't hurt. As of today I've started taking a vitamin B complex and am hopeful that will help. I've also been masking it while trying to sleep with a fan (I've always slept with a fan anyway) and the "sleep pillow" app, which has been very helpful. I've also been using these ear drops at night that are supposed to help with t. So far they haven't made any difference except for making my ears feel icky. Any advice or tips anyone can give will be very much appreciated! Thanks!
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      Welcome to TT. Don't panic and freaked out. There are things you can try for Tinnitus as new as yours. Talk to the doctor or the ENT about treatment with prednisone or other corticosteroids. Many members here recommend getting this asap for new T. Here is a thread talking about this.


      It is also recommended to try supplements like b12, Magnesium, NAC, etc., and reduce intake of salt, MSG, caffeine, sugar etc. But use your wisdom to test out if these are factors to affect your T loudness.

      T is not an end game despite what you read about on Internet. Those tragic cases are exceptions and not the norm. Millions of people have T and people do get better over time. A few years back I was hit by ultra high pitch dog whistle T which sounds like 10 times the pitch of a dentist drill. What an alien sound. And when it went 7/24 I was freaked out like you. Worse, severe hyperacusis soon hit me too, which turned all normal sounds unbearable to hear. They appeared glassy, too loud and too piercing to my ears. I had to wear ear plugs all the time to block out the hurtful noises, but doing so made the screaming T so unbearably dominant. Which of the two devils could I please? I had no escape from them. Then on top of those T & H triggered relentless anxiety and panic attacks on auto mode from the moment I woke up with T blasting away. I was panic prone person before T & H, so now panic attacks piled on top of the sufferings. I thought I wouldn't never see happy days again. But here I am living an absolutely enjoyable and productive life. So never say never. I wrote my success story like many members here. You should read them up to learn that T is livable. It can fade, disappear or be habituated. For brevity of how to get there, I provide the link to my story. Read it up if you have time and also do read as many as you can to give you hope. Take good care and God bless.


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