I Have Tinnitus for a Month and a Half

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mike, Mar 31, 2012.

    1. mike

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      Franklin ohio
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      1 1/2 months
      It has really taken a tow on me. Is there really any help at all.
    2. tracey archer

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      Hi Mike
      After suffering with tinnitus for over a year, I attended Dr Wildens laser therapy clinic in Badfussing, Germany for two weeks treatment of low level laser therapy. This wasn't a cheap option but was well worth the money paid. I experienced ringing in both ears, but much louder in right ear.
      After three hours of treatment(an hour for three days) the ringing in my left ear had stopped. I continuued the treatment for ten days in total. The ringing in my right ear considerably reduced in volume by the end of treatment.
      Dr Wilden speaks fluent English and was very professional and explained the procedure thoroughly. He explained that it takes years of gradual cochlea(inner ear) damage before tinnitus occurs and therefore it can take a year to 18 months of laser therapy before it fully improves.
      Since my treatment in June 2011, Dr Wilden has manufactured a home therapy laser machine which can be purchased after initial treatment to continue with an hour daily of therapy at home. I am planning on visiting Germany this summer to purchase the home therapy machine to further improve the healing process.
      I truly believe this therapy works.
    3. Jarre

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      Wow this sounds interesting!

      I am 18 and have T in both my left and right ear, i got it when i was 16.
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      Good for you, I don't.
      In a better world people would stop registering to forums to advertise their bull, sick of it, cynical profiteering bluffers
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      Sorry mike, I accidentally removed the private conversation we were having. I mean it should still show up on your inbox, but I left that conversation in error when I meant to leave another one.

      Write me a new one if you still want to continue the talk.

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