I Hit My Head — Now My Tinnitus Feels Louder

Discussion in 'Support' started by SergioN, Jul 9, 2019.

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      Acoustic trauma + ototoxicity
      Hi again friends,

      Today I had a new awful event. This early morning, I went to throw some garbage into trash bin, I got down in a squat position, flexing knees, and when I got up, I hit my head with the pot's metallic corner. The trash bin was below the pot and I did not realize it. Pot is on the wall like at 1.5 meters of height.

      I felt some pain and itching for some minutes. But I was very afraid of damaging my ears or brain and of making my tinnitus worse. I have checked the skin of my head, and it did not bleed, but it is red and irritated, and the skin is a little damaged. I'm bold, so maybe my skin is more fragile than other people's.

      After that, I think my tinnitus is louder, but then again, everyday I think it is louder and louder as I'm immersed in a clonazepam withdrawal.

      What do you think about this event? Should I forget about it or worry about it? I think I've hit my head before as well, but maybe with not so much force.

      Bad things are happening to me these days. Sorry for bothering you.

      Thanks in advance for your support.

      Best wishes for all. Regards.
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      Acoustic trauma
      Some person reported they got tinnitus after bumping their head. Remember that our temporal bone is the thickest of our head, maybe you could have induced a little vibration of your hair cells but nothing more than what is produced by a moderate sound. I think it is impossible you have damaged or got permanent damage of your ear or brain. We are in the same ship, afraid of everything, I can comprehend your concerns.

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