I Know 3 People Whose Tinnitus Disappeared

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Geekysugar, Jan 5, 2019.

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      Ototoxic meds, Chiari
      I've had tinnitus for 1.5 months and although I'm working on accepting it I've been asking people that I know about their tinnitus. So far 3 people that I know have had their tinnitus disappear.

      1. My grandma had tinnitus for about 10 years! She said got it after a time with a lot of stress. She tried many doctors and pills. She took the pill Stugeron for years but she is not sure if it ever helped. Then it disappeared. Just like that. She was about 60 when it started.

      2. My cousin got labyrinthitis. He had vertigo that was so bad he couldn't even sit up along with ringing that he said wasn't so loud. After 3 months the ringing started fading and the vertigo stopped. He is now ringing and vertigo free.

      3. Aunt had ringing in one ear for years. Her was due to a crack in her skull, at least that is what the doctor said. Her husband could hear the ringing from the outside. It went away by itself (I'm not sure if it went away suddenly or gradually). She is now tinnitus free.
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      Like the ten year story!
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      That’s amazing! It gives hope that anything is possible. (y)

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