I Managed to Habituate Before — A Few Days Ago I Noticed My Tinnitus Has Become Significantly Louder

Discussion in 'Support' started by Natalie18, Jul 11, 2019 at 9:36 PM.

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      I really appreciate it if you took the time to read this post, sorry it's so long! I’m Natalie. I posted on this site a couple of years ago when I was going through a really tough time after being diagnosed with tinnitus.

      After about half a year, I managed to habituate and I was so proud of myself because my mental state was so much better and I got to the point of being so unaffected by my tinnitus, it was amazing and such a relief.

      However, a few days ago I randomly noticed that the ringing in my ear had increased in volume quite a bit. After having not noticed my tinnitus for years, it made me feel very anxious and panicky because it had such a huge affect on my life and I had finally managed to get to a good place with it.

      I went to the doctors and they told me my ears were full of wax but after having them cleaned, it unfortunately made no difference. I have also had a really stressful couple of months recently with my family but that's finally over now, so I know it isn’t stress induced as during this time my tinnitus remained the same.

      I’m starting to feel very lost again and I don’t want to slip into a bad place. I was looking forward to my future but its hard to be optimistic when its gotten so bad again. I’ve been searching online about tinnitus spikes but I am confused about why they can randomly happen and how long they tend to last for. I didn’t know where else to come so I logged onto here again and some comforting words would really be highly appreciated.

      I’m going on holiday on Monday and its been booked for ages, I want to relax and have a nice time but its hard to stay positive at the moment. I’m also going into my final year of study at university and I’m worried about this, it had been okay for so long and I’m so frustrated that its bothering me once again.

      Thank you so much if you read this all, I’m really sorry its so long!! Hope everyone is having a great day :)
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      Hope all is well, I've been having tinnitus for 7 month now, mine started low and now it’s louder. I hope it gets better with time. If you were able to habituate once, I’m pretty sure you will do it again. Stay positive!!
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      Are we sure this tinnitus spike is random? Recent noise exposure with a delayed spike is a possibility to be considered. Any new medications recently?
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      HI @Natalie18

      Sorry to know that the tinnitus has returned. Although the tinnitus wasn't giving you any problems when you were having a stressful time with your family a couple months ago, it is still not unusual to be affected by it. When you were occupied with so much going on around you there probably wasn't time to focus on the "stressful events" that came upon you. Now there's calm after the storm, the stress can be released and could be the reason for the increase in tinnitus. A similar thing has happened to me in the passed. If you haven't been using headphones even at low volume, or going to places where loud music is played, or been around overly loud sound, then it's unlikely the increase in tinnitus is caused by exposure to loud noise.

      Try going back to basics using low level sound enrichment at night and during the day whenever possible. Please click on the links below and read my posts, that you might find helpful.

      Hope you start to feel better soon.


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      Temporary spikes can last for over three months, but if a spike is temporary, one normally begins to notice some degree of fading less than about a month after the onset. Have you been exposed to loud noises like that of a vacuum cleaner, hair dryer or lawn mower?

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