I Need Help (Tinkling, Ear Feeling Clogged)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rina, Apr 28, 2015.

    1. Rina

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      Really don't know
      i was doing so good ... And today all of the sudden I woke up and had tinkling all over my right side of the brain and ear.. On top of that I felt like my ear was clogged.. Like when you are on the airplane... And when I talk I hear a noise similar to when you pop bubble wrap paper... Is this a symptom of T ? I've had T for 10 weeks now.. And started after numbess in the face and head pressure... T tone did not seem to be higher..in so scared... Hearing is not affected either just a little muffled that comes and goes... I'm currently able to sleep without masking but this episodes of numbness and air full sensations are scaring me .. Am I going to loosen hearing? I recently moved to Florida from new jerse... Could baromatric pressure have something to do with it?
    2. gary

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      Who Knows
      Hi Rina, I have been trying to see if BP has anything to do with T by keeping a log of my T and BP, so far I can't see a connection for me. I have not had any tingling on my face, but have had all you're other symptoms. Was your seeing affected. Panic attacks can cause tingling, I used to get tingling all over my whole body before a panic attack. Is the tingling still there, how long did it last, could it be the way you slept. To be safe, because of the tingling, I would go see a Dr and explain it him. Perhaps by the morning it will go away.
    3. CDNThailand

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      MP3, Stress, TMJ
      I get tingling in both arms when I sleep at night, immediately after getting t....

      Any connection?

      It goes away after few minutes

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