I Passed an ABR (Audiology Brainstem Response) Test, Yet I Have Tinnitus and Hearing Loss in One Ear

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      I went to the ENT on Tuesday 12/18/18 to have him check out some throbbing in my right ear. He said that it was a blockage in the tube between nose an ear (it eventually subsided).

      I also told him my left ear started ringing on the Thursday 12/13/18 and hasn't stopped since then.

      He had my hearing checked and he told me I have some hearing loss in that ear.
      He then did an ABR test and I passed.

      I asked him, "Is this some sort of brain tumor"?
      He said, "It was very unlikely".

      My daughter-in-law is an MD and said passing the ABR test is a good thing. It would mean "no brain" mass and she also said an acoustic neuroma is very rare.

      Does anyone here have a similar problem related to tinnitus and hearing loss in one ear and passing the ABR?

      I'm freaking out....

      Thank you

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