I Talked with a Hearing Guy Who Said There Can Be a Custom Hearing Aid That Will "Lessen" Sounds

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Dec 8, 2017.

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      I asked if there can be a custom mold made that forms to your ear to "plug" it and then have the external hearing aid connected to it lessen the outside sounds and play them softer so instead of amplifying them, it does the opposite. He said it could be made and that the best aids would be one that has good compression.

      You might need to call up a hearing aid guy locally and talk to one that is knowledgeable about this if you are interested.

      I don't have hyperacusis but I just wanted to share this with everyone.
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      i had this same idea when I saw shooting earmuffs with microphones and speakers inside..they advertised to compress sounds above 85db. I was thinking if it was a lower db it could be useful for those sensitive to loud sounds
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      What you describe usually benefits those with hearing loss and recruitment, not those with true hyperacusis I believe although it sounds like a good idea.
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      Noise induced
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      loud noise? unknown.
      this sounds interesting but it will probably be expensive and not available for a while.
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      Years of excessively loud headphone use
      Ooo South Florida I'll read more about this. I live in central. A small commute for H like this sounds like nothing.

      Edit: I can't find the finalized details :/.

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