I Think I Created Myself a Tinnitus fror Nothing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Antijenkki, Apr 29, 2016.

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      In 2012, I started hearing a wasp-like voice every night in my bedroom. It drove me nuts and I was listening to it many hours a night and I got depressed. I was sure I had tinnitus, but that was not the case; because everyone else hears the same annoying voice in the bedroom. I also had not had an ear damage from too loud voices.

      After starting to listening and listening to my "tinnitus" I caught the real tinnitus. A high ringing in the head. I am sure my tinnitus started just cuz I was anxiously listening to my false tinnitus that actually was a real voice.

      For months I were depressed. It was hard to sleep and study. The doctors said I had no problems with hearing. However it started to disappear and in like 2014-2015 I noticed the tinnitus maybe only for a few times a year. Even thought I always slept in a very quiet room, I just could not notice it.

      Now the tinnitus is back. I hear it all the time. It becomes much louder when I yawn or move my jaw or neck. Also when I listen to it, it gets louder and lounder... Dunno what to do now.

      This is my tinnitus story:/
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      Two weeks before I had tinnitus, I went to my doctor for a dermatitis.

      Joking with him, I said: "This issue is not important, be anything but not a tinnitus!" (I knew what it was, it was a nightmare for me since before, but I did not know how to prevent it, I just knew it was a huge problem and I was afraid of it). Good. Two weeks later, just after a concert, here: tinnitus. The nightmare came true. At the same time, my parents, in an attempt to help me -because I was hopeless- understood what tinnitus was. I asked my father, "But, don’t you ever hear anything? Have you ever heard noise or sounds in your ears? ". My father sat in a quiet room, focused on sounds and told me he heard a little whistle in his ear, but he never cared about that before and thought he had nothing!

      Since then, my father has a tinnitus which is stronger than mine.

      By then, two months went by for both of us. He was told that he had tinnitus due to a change in blood pressure. In my case, it was an acoustic trauma. Isn’t it strange? And now…my mother! She begun hearing whistles in her ears, luckily only temporarily (I hope she will not get tinnitus). But how can it be possible? I start thinking that tinnitus could be present at an unconscious level in many people. Or are all coincidences? Incredible.

      The mind. Our mind probably plays a key role in the development of Tinnitus (serotonin, dopamine etc…). I had problems with depression before Tinnitus and acoustic trauma. So, perhaps, something of "broke" has always been there in my mind.
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      To Be Honest i find it quiet strange,
      this whole situation... i have read it before a few times even in this site.
      its like once your brain or conscious tunes it you cant stop listening for it.
      but there are cases of people like me, that tinnitus appeared of the blue.
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      not sure
      This may suggest a somatic T, one that can be affected by muscles and joint movement. Perhaps get it checked out to see if you have TMJ, which is a known cause of somatic T.

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