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Discussion in 'Support' started by Boywithathorn, Aug 13, 2014.

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    1. Boywithathorn

      Boywithathorn Member

      Hi guys, i wanted some advice on my situation. I went on holiday to Turkey about 2 weeks ago now. While there i swam most days in the swimming pools and once in the sea. After a few days i had a blocked feeling in my ear and woke up in the middle of the night with an actual blocked ear, using ear buds i was able to remove lots of moist ear wax. Over the next few days i realised i had water blocked in my ear, it wasnt bad but i could feel it was there.

      When i returned home last week it was still an issue so my sister recommended hop candles and olive oil ear drops as they had both helped her with blocked ears in the past. So i used a candle on both ear which had no affect then i used the drops twice which blocked the ear again but then gradually dripped out and i think cleared my ear alot.

      However since then i have developed a low level ringing in my ear. Its the same that ive had after a night at a club or a concert although i would put the volume slightly above that and i hear it most at night when sleeping, its becoming hard to ignore so i have a appointment with a doctor tomorrow.

      Now im curious could i still have water in my ear causing this? Have i always had this sound but the wax removal highlighted it? Could i have damaged the ear using ear buds? Should i get them flushed/syringed but im worried this can make it worse? Also when i yawn or hiccup sometimes i feel air pushed out of my ear then it close over again.

      I would love some feedback, thank you!
    2. undecided

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      The questions you are asking are hard to answer by anyone but a doctor taking a peek inside your ears.
      Have your ears checked and you'll get your answers.
      Make sure you give your doctor all the information you've provided here. Make notes if you can't remember everything!

      From the looks of it, your tinnitus is mild and probably caused by fluid in your ears.
      Damaging your ears with ear buds is unlikely, unless you used them very forcefully for a long period of time.
      Also, removing some wax does not make tinnitus appear out of nowhere. If that would happen, adding wax would cover tinnitus and this forum would be called fill-ears-with-wax-FTW-talk.com :)

      Getting your ears syringed is a bit premature :)
      You need to relax, go see your doc.
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    3. Marlene

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      I agree with Undecided,bit early to start fiddling around with your ears. Even as far as the olive oil,need dr to take a look,I wouldn't put anything in ears,may encourage what your hearing now to go up a level ,end up with more trouble,than you have now going on.Dont do anything to your ears ,even down to the syringing them out.
      Hope yours is just a one of those things,and it will just go on it's own.Staying away from loud music might help to .and avoid getting water in your ears,you may still have an infection from your trip.lets know what dr says. Good luck.
    4. Boywithathorn

      Boywithathorn Member

      Hi guys, thank you for your comments. I have just returned from the doctors who checked both ears. Left ear is clear but my right is full of wax and some fluid is trapped. She prescribed me a 5 day course of Amoxicillin and to continue with ear deops to help remove the wax. Its my understanding that Amoxicillin is for ear infections but does it break down wax aswell?
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    5. nogood

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      Amoxcillin is antibiotics generally prescription for infections
      It does not break away the wax.
      Drink plenty of warm water
      Limit ur exposure to unnecessary loud sounds untill u get better..
      Maybe its just little fluid in ear which will go away soon.. just make sure u dont anything stupid..
      Taking anti biotic means ur body immune system will be bit weaken so dont take any risk, eat healthy and watch what u do.
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    6. Boywithathorn

      Boywithathorn Member

      Ive started using ear drops with Hydrogen Peroxide. Is it normal for your ear to feel even more blocked after use? I was able to scrape out moist wax afterwards so i guess its working?
    7. nogood

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      Once or twice to clean should be ok..
      Its not meant for daily use. .
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    8. Boywithathorn

      Boywithathorn Member

      Oh really? It says you can use it once or twice a day for 4 days. :dunno:

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