I Think I've Had Tinnitus for Four Days

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      I keep hearing a sound in my head.?
      Is it normal to hear a sound whn its quest (but. Not 100℅ quiet)
      Is it normal to hear a sound when there is less sound. (In comlete silence and when there is less sound)
      About 3 nights ago when I was gon sleep. I had my 2 headsets on and one of my ear was on the pillow with the headset. I was watching a TV show. With my phone and I heard a ringing like sound. I freaked out and then went 2 sleep.
      And now yesterday when I woke up I didn't hear it. Until I remembered what happened last night. And then i started thinking about that sound. The more i thinked about it, the more obvious it becamse even when there is sound And now I keep hearing it. I think it gets worse when im thinking about it. (But i dont think i hear it when im in public places like in the hospital or on the road or when im listening to music. I hear it when I put my ear on a pillow), I also hear it when the fan is on. I have a good hearing. And this past 2 months I have been very anxious since I started seeing visual snow (I now know its normal).
      I asked a few people of they heard this sound in silence and they said. Yes. I don't have any ear pain. And I remember hearing dis b4. But b4 I wasn't anxious. And didnt pay much attention to it. But now i pay a lot of attention to it. I use my headset a lot and that night I used my headset for a long time watching a YouTube videos. I am very anxious.
      Is this normal or doz a anxiety make dis worse?
      Also I remember hearing dis b4 but I didn't panic. Now I feel like I hear this all the time.
      Does this get any easier or doz this go away?
      I made this note 2 days ago. And since this time my anxiety got a lot worse and now I feel like I hear this sound all the time. Even in noisy places.
      I haven't slept last night. Spent all night googling.
      Also I drank 3 cups of coffee and it got worse. But I don't think the sound I hear has a pulse.
      As days pass the sound becomes more obvious along with rising anxiety.
      I haven't been to any loud concerts latesly and this sound I hear or THINK I hear is ruining my life.
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      God knows
      @Hardwelling Welcome. I am not sure how loud is your ringing but you would have read that complete silence is relative and subjective. However, you have rightfully pointed out that your anxiety makes you pay more notice to your ringing, and the anxiety is something each of us with T had experienced at the onset.

      Give your ears a break, and go easy on the headsets. Protect your ears regardless. I hope your ringing goes away. Best wishes.
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      Yup I would stop the headsets right away.id probably set appointment for ent ? I'm also new to this .
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      not sure
      It is quite common for new tinnitus sufferer to zoom on the T and monitor it. This is almost a common theme for most people when they first get T. Also the anxiety will build up because of the strange sensation that doesn't go away at our will. You should read up the success stories to see how people can distract themselves from paying attention to the T ringing. Get busy with living, do some relaxing activities, get some masking sounds etc. These can help reduce your anxiety level. You may want to read up the success story of I Who Love Music called "Back to Silence" particularly because his method is simple to use and he now has silence after having T since 1974. Don't worry much. Your T is so new it may fade or disappear. Many members have more severe T, hyperacusis, pulsatile T and ear pains, yet many have recovered and live a normal life.

      You mention that you heard the T sound b4 but didn't panic. That is the trick and the truth. The sound is harmless. It doesn't hurt us. It may be annoying at times. It is our negative reactions which can hurt. For this, Dr. Nagler has written 'Letter to a Tinnitus Sufferer' to explain this aspect of our T suffering. Google it and you can read it up. There are many things you can do to help yourself. So don't panic and have hope for your recovery.
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      2008 but cured and relapsed from benzos
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      This you hear is Tinnitus is not normal.
      I suggest to you because is fresh stop hearing any sound and get corticosteroids
      with your doctors support.
      Perhaps you can cure it now where is fresh.
      If it goes chronic then no cure is possible.
      Time is important as you loose time corticosteroids not work because if a nerve fiber die then you can not regenerate it.
      My opinion go immediately to ENT stop hearing sounds and tell to treat like it is "sudden hearing loss"
      is the same the treatment as "sudden tinnitus".
      But go now have passed 4 days perhaps it's too late perhaps. Every second you loose the possibilities to treat it go down dramatically.
      Corticosteroids immediately and make a pray in god.
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      I would love an update after the ent

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