I Went to Sleep at 4 am Last Night, Now My Tinnitus Is Bad. That Normal?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tinnitusboi, Aug 21, 2017.

    1. Tinnitusboi

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      Yea so normally I get to sleep at 11 ish but last night I was out with my friends really late until almost 5am.

      My tinnitus has been pretty manageable, almost unnoticeable, lately ever since I started to control my stress levels and get a better sleep routine. Tonight I'm also up late again it's almost 2 am.

      Is it normal to have a flair after a late night? Or should I be looking for something else.
    2. Fabrikat

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      Otosclerosis then volume then viral infection
      Yes, I notice the same thing too. It's as if an altered sleep pattern triggers some kind of inflammatory response in the auditory system.
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    3. walkthroughwalls

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      I have the same thing when sleep deprived. When I get back to my regular sleep schedule the tinnitus goes back to its normal level too.

      You weren't exposed to any loud noise, right? Only the sleep pattern changed?
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    4. DT_N_DA_CLUB

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      Yes that is normal.
    5. Candy

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      Glad to hear it's under control, good sleep is vital with t, I find...
      Your a far picture reminds me of my nephew, it's so cute and makes me smile every time I see it

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