If There's a Hell, This Must Be It!

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      Hey Everyone,

      Sorry if I offended anyone with my Intro title. I, of course, was referring to the Tinnitus we are all suffering from. It presents itself in different ways to us all, and each one no less serious than the next.

      My journey with T began in 1982 with a ringing in the left ear that never went away. It was fairly mild and relatively easy to live with, only noticeable at quiet times. In the Fall of 1999, I was involved in a very serious car crash. The injuries included head, neck and back which all affected my T. Now the sound level had increased in the left ear and presented in the right ear as well, at a slightly lower level. The T was now moderate at all times and easily aggravated, but still "livable". I adjusted to it, probably because I had more important things to recover from and taking my attention away helped. Life moved on.

      In late 2012, I developed complications from lingering issues with the 1999, crash. Physical therapy was one remedy prescribed, during which an electric stimulation was applied to certain nerve endings in the hands and neck area. That treatment, in the neck area, dramatically increased the level of my T. The effect was immediate and lasting. The Doctor subsequently said that this can happen - no warning was given prior to treatment. Thanks Doc. Anyway, the ringing now overpowers most other sounds.

      In my case I think the T is linked to neck is linked to head/migraines issues. Still exploring, testing, narrowing down, eliminating, etc.

      I've tried too many medications now to think any of those can help with T. Exception, I have found a nice little combo that does work for me as far as getting sleep at night.

      By the way, trivia info for you: Did you know the man who developed the TV test pattern suffered from Tinnitus? He used the sound he "heard" as the same sound for test we all heard feeling that it was such an annoying tone we would all take notice! True story. (For those of us old enough to remember it!)

      I'll be around until a cure.
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      Hi Bunker, sorry to hear about your T, and yes it is a hell ! Though Am very grateful today as T has been low about
      4 / 5 days now.

      Welcome to the forum , interesting trivia !
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      "...I have found a nice little combo that does work for me as far as getting sleep at night."

      Please tell us your nice little combo.


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