If You Have/Had Ringing in Your Ears from a Sinus Wash or Getting Water in Your Middle Ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by DaveB, Nov 13, 2017.

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      I need to talk to you.

      In August I followed TERRIBLE ADVICE from a thread here advising that if you had inflamed Eustachian tubes to do a sinus wash and then do the valsalva maneuver to blow the water into your eustachian tubes to wash it out. Well, doing that I accidentally blew too much water into my left middle ear and hurt something (overfilled a balloon basically). Ever since then I hear high pitched ringing louder than the T was before.

      It's been 3 months and I think I gave myself something similar to a perilymphatic fistula without the dizziness. I'm pretty sure I ripped the small oval window of the middle ear.

      I thought I read of some people also having suffered from this and I need to know if it ever got better because it has been 3 months and I'm seeing no improvement.

      I saw a neurotologist and they just said they didn't want to do the surgery (PLF repair) for fear of making it worse but I can live with this constant high pitched ringing/hissing. I still have pain in there and it's like it doesn't heal even though sometimes I feel liquid in there and other times I think it is scabbing up. It's like I keep redamaging it just by talking/chewing/nodding/turning my head.
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      I was about to follow that advice too. Glad I've seen this. I have had fluid in my middle ear from an infection. As soon as I poured olive oil in my ear I heard a the T. Mine died down over time however it seems to have stopped reducing in volume. I' about 2 months in. Ever since then my ears feel crunchy and I'm not sure if the liquid has drained fully.
      If there is still liquid in your middle ear, that could be the cause of your T. If there is only a small amount of liquid still there its hard to tell. I don' know if my ears have fully drained yet. Right ear probably not as its the one where my T is an issue. My left ear sometimes gets T randomly now so I think there could be a little bit of liquid in there.
      You might need to try some less unsafe methods to open those tubes. If its really bad you might consider getting a hole in the ear drum to drain it, but thats a last resort as it is a pain in the butt.

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