IIH + Tinnitus plus Bilateral Barotrauma and Ear Perforation HELP!!

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      I've only just discovered this forum and I have to say, aside from why I'm looking for advice today I wish i'd found it sooner! I've had tinnitus for a number of years - pulsatile and ringing (whatever the name for that one is!) at least since 2012 when I was initially diagnosed with IIH. I was only recently told (last week) that the ringing tinnitus is unlikely linked to IIH, but I'll come back to that another time.

      Almost a week ago now I managed a double whammy on a short haul flight. Despite advising the air hostess that I needed to keep ear plugs in as it helped keep my ears equalised, I was told they had to be removed for "flight safety" in case I missed an "emergency announcement during take off". Nonetheless, here I am with bilateral barotrauma and ear perforation, with blood behind the ear drum and a blood clot in the inner ear.

      What I'd like to know is whether you can offer any advice on this such as healing time, what is expected with this kind of injury. I'm actually based in HK and there doesn't seem to be a lot of information aside from possible complications with barotrauma to give me any indications of what is normal and what I should be concerned about. I'm also supposed to fly home for xmas in less than 5 weeks time...this is not a huge concern right now (it is but my ears are more important) My tinnitus seems to go through varying volumes of pitches, from my usual low day tone to a screechy one that I'm not at all accustomed to. I'm also getting bouts of facial numbness, which don't go hand in hand with the tinnitus changing, but is worrying nonetheless, as well as what seems to have been permanent numbness around the back of my ear and up my skull. I want to be clear that there was no head injury, this was 100% ear popping agony after flying with congested sinuses (I had no idea this was something you shouldn't fly with until this happened to me).

      Is this all normal, does the tinnitus go back to normal? And what is normal anyway!haha We'll leave that last question.

      Apologies if this is off subject or grossly over length! I'm just anxious.

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