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      Hi, Thanks for this forum. I have read parts for many months - particularly the success stories in my times of frustration and anxiety about my condition.

      I have joined to seek your input for my particular situation. I hope in times to come I will be able to support others but would be glad to hear thoughts from those who have time to respond.

      I got tinnitus in one ear spontaneously in Feb 2015, I had been given some very distressing news and a Dr increased my tricyclic antidepressant as a result. within days this tinnitus in my left ear came on. Then within a few more days it started in my right ear (hissing sounds). I did not cope well with these noises and was constantly checking the T. I went off the tricyclic in case it was drug induced T. I continued being very stressed about it and saw a neurologist (who said it was anxiety) a ENT who said it was anxiety and a oto neurologist who diagnosed a "physiological post-dizziness" syndrome. I have been receiving counselling in that time. I went onto a more T friendly antianxiety med (SSRI) in June as I just wasn't coping and it has helped a little. It is only a small dose. Now I am 8 months into this condition I continue having new sounds in my ears every 2-3 weeks. I seem to have about 4 sounds in each ear. I am quite concerned that more and more sounds will build into each ear for the rest of my life - I am only 39 years old. Does anybody have any thoughts/hope/positivity to share?

      Should I see an audiologist? I am in NSW Australia.

      I do not have any hearing loss - this has been tested 2x.

      Input would be greatly appreciated.
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      Ear infection

      When I seen an audiologist all she said was go on a tricyclic med and gave me an wearable white noise generator. Does the healthcare cost over there? I got to see her free, otherwise no way I would pay. I would consider drug treatment options, or sound therapy if you don't like drugs. Also natural supplements we could explore.

      What would you rate your tinnitus out of 10? How does it impact your life and sleep routine.
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      ELA.....sorry to hear that you are having a bad time. It WILL get better.
      I think it is generally accepted that tinnitus isn't due directly to stress, but stress will make it MUCH worse and lead to a vicious downhill spiral.
      I personally was always aware that silence wasn't silent (it had a vague hiss, but only when I listened for it in quiet environments).18 months ago close family member very ill and myself (as it turns out wrongly) diagnosed with possible pancreatic cancer. 12 months ago I developed a mild cold....bingo....tinnitus of epic proportion. Relative got better, pancreas turned out to be AOK, tinnitus persisted. The story then goes...Eustachian tube dysfunction, overwhelming symptoms, suicidal depression....hospitalised. Tricyclics caused urinary retention, allergic to mirtazipine (anaphylaxis), now on SSRI. I'm pretty fine....tinnitus still very loud, but I cope pretty easily and live a normal life/do everything I previously did.

      This is my long-winded way of saying that resolving your anxiety/depression is the key to regaining your life.
      Difficult though it may now appear, you have to learn to NOT listen to the tinnitus. Accept that it is always there, it cannot/will not harm you, therefore it can and should be ignored.Our brains are wired by evolution to react with the 'fight or flight' response to loud noises as they usually spell trouble.....explosions, gunshots, screeching wheels etc. So, the noise of tinnitus is seen the same.....as 'danger'....provoking panic, fear, and all the unpleasant things which go with that....rapid heart rate, anxiety, sweatiness, dry mouth, feeling of impending doom. We have to learn that tinnitus is not a danger signal, nor even a relevant signal, and can be ignored like the distant hum of a motorway.
      SSRIs are not so good at treating anxiety and you may need something else to take the edge off that for a while.

      You will get there, even if that sounds unlikely just at the moment.

      We probably all look for the 'magic pill' to rid us of T in the early stages. For some the T does actually disappear, but, for those of us with it as long-term companion, he can be handled and life be as full and enjoyable as it ever was.

      Take Care,

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      Hi there, thanks very much for your kind-hearted replies and empathy. Really appreciate your taking the time to reply. You are quite right that it is important to manage my anxiety. Im exercising a lot but anxiety is a big challenge for me as I am currently studying medicine and it is hectic! The impact on my life this week is about 7/10 although I had gotten it down to 2-3/10. I just dont know why it flared in the last 10 days!!!!! Managing anxiety must become a priority though. I agree that T can be handled and life can be enjoyable just sometimes this isnt so obvious! Thanks very much again

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