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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Andy Busuttil, Nov 16, 2018.

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      Hi folks,

      I wanted to start this as a new thread.

      I'm getting some great results with much improved tinnitus and hearing and fewer severe attacks of 'atypical migraines' that seemed linked to tinnitus. The sacrifices have not been felt and have been well worth it.

      1. I've cut down added salt altogether.
      2. I've cut down caffeine and only drink one cup of tea a day and that is soon to go.
      3. I'm on betahistine 8mg X 3 times daily.
      4. I've cut out dairy.

      All of these have made a difference with the salt and caffeine reduction reducing the viscosity of the fluids in the inner ear, the dairy reduction has reduced issues with sinus and the betahistine has I think made a difference as well. They apparently increase blood flow in the inner parts of the ear. My hearing has improved in the upper registers and I'm not struggling horribly as I was and have become much more optimistic. It's taken a couple of months to get here but the battle has been worth persevering with. A great relief and I'm far more optimistic now given my work in the audio industry and performance (music).

      I'll keep you all informed.
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      Noise induced
      Pleased for you. You got to try these things to know. Can't be underestimated.

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