I'm Glad We're All Here on Tinnitus Talk to Support Each Other

Discussion in 'Support' started by Striveon, Sep 21, 2018.

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      I have learned so much from tinnitus through Tinnitus Talk.

      When I first got tinnitus, I used google to learn more about tinnitus and it is so basic, does not say much and some stuff are even incorrect.

      I am glad to have found this place.

      I see everyone coming on here to ask questions because doctors do not seem to know much about tinnitus.

      We are all here to ask if a certain medication is good to take, what can be the cause of tinnitus, etc.

      Also, I truly appreciate the support we give to one another, it is amazing. People usually do not have a good understanding nor seem to care how debilitating tinnitus really is. It sucks because it is a symptom... sometimes the cause of it, is incurable BUT tinnitus can get better or heal if we truly take care of our ears in a healthy way.

      I wish there were more resources and studies being done to help find a cure to each of our tinnitus :/ hopefully one day..
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      Me too! It’s a great find! :)
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