I'm Good with Tinnitus — However, Tinnitus Is Louder When I Wake Up During the Night

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      My tinnitus is more of a hiss that I do notice but it doesn't bother me much these days. I can hear it in quiet rooms but I need to focus on it for it to be a problem.
      I also occasionally get fleeting tinnitus that momentarily creates panic.
      Here are some questions, though.

      When I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I notice my hiss is quite a bit louder. It has been like this for years. I know nights are quieter in any household, but I don't think this is the reason why. I'd be half asleep, peeing and I usually notice the hiss is a bit more intense. Does anyone know why that would be the case?

      Also, if my sleep pattern is interrupted like it was last night for the UFC, I'll go to bed really late, wake up after just a few hours of sleep and the hiss will be more intense. Has anyone heard or experienced anything like this?

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      My T sounds like a hiss too. Mine is always loudest when I wake up in the morning. After about an hour or so, and after having two cups of coffee, it subsides to a level that's manageable. That's the level I have accepted to live with and which I don't regard as a problem anymore. However, that wake up T level is always a bit of a downer, because it's the first thing you're aware of when you open your eyes to start a new day. It's a daily reminder that my hearing has been damaged (from acoustic trauma). But I count my blessings and realize that I'm still able to function and enjoy my life. Not the way I used to, but still. On a 0 to 10 level, I'd say my life quality was a 10, and now it's a 7. That's a 30% loss, which is quite substantial. But on the other hand I still have got 70% left. And that's what I'm grateful for.
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