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      Hello everyone. Hope your T issues are minimal to zero today!

      I've had some really low level T for years, but only noticed it if I was in a quiet room and even then I had to search. Also, I've had anxiety issues for over a decade and recently had a major anxiety flare up due to a short course of Levaquin about two months ago. This AB has wrecked my sleep and drove my anxiety through the roof. I'm slooowly getting the anxiety and sleep issues under control.

      Unfortunately, my T took off about four weeks ago and I believe this could possibly be due to the AB and the related stress.

      My left ear seems worse, but I definitely have T in both. It's hard to judge the intensity, but seems to be around 8.5k in frequency. I barely notice if I'm outside with low level background noise and I can't pick it up when I'm taking a shower with low intensity water. But, in a quite room, or in my office with my desk fan running, I can pick it up easily. Also, my ears are sound sensitive and feel "full" at times, especially on the left.

      I had a few really rough nights last week due to the T (even with a box fan running) so I notched out pink noise, hung a small Bluetooth speaker above my bed and put my iPad on loop. I am keeping the sound at a level so I can still barely hear the T, but this has definitely helped.

      Keeping my fingers crossed that the T settles down as my anxiety abides and my CNS heals from the Levaquin.

      Any words of wisdom or advice is greatly appreciated.
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      Welcome to TT. You seem to know what to do already with masking. One positive thing is that if you can't hear it much outside with other sounds, than probably your T is of the milder type. Take any positive you can get out of a bad situation. We all know lack of sleep and stress/anxiety are bad for T. So try to do anything to help you relax. If you need, you can get some natural stuffs for sleep. Also you may want to take NAC, Magnesium and B12 supplements as members here recommend these. The next important thing is to give it time. Try to make sure your ear fullness is not having a medical reason. If so, get your doctor to treat it first. Then wait it out for the body to heal and settle down. Take care and God bless.
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Thanks Billie,

      I'm taking:
      - R-ALA
      - L-Carnitine
      - NAC
      - B12
      - Fish Oil

      I'm taking magnesium, tart cherry and rotating a few other natural things at night. I don't know if they help much, but prescription stuff only works a few days and then it stops. I'm taking it day by day, but making it on 5 hrs or so a night.

      I do have an appointment with an ENT a week from today to make sure something else is not going on. I am plagued by lots of sinus / allergy issues.

      I have a great wife and a strong support system and that makes a huge difference IMO. Lots of prayer too.
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      I agree take the positives if you can't hear it outside and you have only recently had the increase in volume it may well go back to where it was or you will tune it out. I'm new here too and this is what I am learning. Unfortunatlynmine isn't easily masked by outside noise, well any noise really. Try and stay positive the forum might make you more anxious
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      I can't say that outside it is 100% gone, but it is harder to detect. I'm getting some periods were I feel it's less intense.

      Thanks for taking time to respond and I hope you get relief really soon.

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