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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by margg, Jun 10, 2016.

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      July 2015
      I need to talk about this, I am very private but unless you know what Tinnitus is, the maddening 24 hour a day experience everyone thinks you are just making it up. I have been struggling for 11 months, the man I was in a 13 month relationship hit me. He denied it, he works for a billion dollar company so I cant use his or theirname as they are acting like I made it up, he slammedme in the head but its a he said she said beacause I didn't report it right away, my doctor told me after 5 days of many drs that I had permanent damage. his hit caused swelling of the brain, I had a 5 day predisone drip being diagnosed with Tittinus, vertigo, short term memory loss and I.m deaf in my left ear. I lost all hearing. I was even at the Silverstein Institute and they say its incurable...its shitty way to have to live...any advice on making it subside?
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      Sorry to hear about your story. That's a really sucky way to get T (and many other issues it seems).

      You need to "debug" your deafness if you are interested in improving. What I mean by that is you need to conduct exams to figure out what part of the hearing system doesn't work anymore, and get involved: you want to understand what each test result means. You need to be your own advocate to push for next steps. Doctors don't have the same vested interest in your life as you do, so keep pushing and learn about your condition. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and challenge statements or treatments.

      What part of your hearing is broken? outer ear? middle ear? inner ear? all of them? What does your audiogram say?

      Good luck!
    3. The Red Viper

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      Current Theory: Neck injury (Tendonitis @ trap/SCM junction)
      Uh shouldn't you be reporting this to the authorities?
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      Sudden profound hearing loss in left ear.
      Hello @ margg,
      I am so sorry you have had to join our club.
      I went suddenly deaf in my left ear also, three years ago. I know how frustrating it can be to deal with the noise 24 hours a day, and to not be understood or maybe even believed by others. It's hard because they can't see your injury. Do you have physical discomfort in your ear along with the noise?
      I don't think I have made my tinnitus subside. I try to keep my mind busy with other things. I wear an earplug in my right (hearing) ear when I am in noisier places. I don't know if that will work for you but it certainly helps me.
      It sounds like you are no longer with the person who hurt you. That is good but I think he should pay for making you suffer like this.
    5. AUTHOR

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      July 2015
      Thank you, it was brain injury by someone who hit me and if I 5 minutes in a room with him I would castrate him and let him feel the pain Im enduring...
    6. Alue
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      Acoustic Trauma
      If your doctor verified that there is head trauma, then it's not just he said she said. Would your doctor be able to testify that it was the trauma that caused all your problems?

      My tinnitus was caused by someone else too, no legal recourse in my case, but it doesn't sound as severe as yours.
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      I think I would name and shame whoever this bully is, whatever company he worked for. Who is to say that you won't be believed? He may have done this before, and MAY DO IT AGAIN, especially if he knows that he will get away with it. Next time it may be a child who annoys him, or he may kill the individual he attacks....

      As regards the tinnitus....it, or at least your reaction to it ,will improve over time. As at any one time it is said that 10% of the population is suffering with tinnitus, then there are a hell of a lot of people who will know you are not making it up. Can anyone else feel a pain that you suffer? No....but many will empathise with the position. If the deafness is the cause of the tinnitus, then maybe a hearing aid will help. Whatever, try to get to the bottom of what is the cause of your tinnitus.

      In the meantime, here's some bad vibes to the a***hole who feels it is OK to take out his temper tantrums on someone else :android:


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