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      I'm ew to this forum. I've been having trouble for 16 months, it all started after a loud concert followed by a bad cold and my mom passing which was very stressful. I've been to an ENT, TMJ, chiropractor and have had an MRI. All negative although I have subtle TMJ symptoms and a chronically sore neck. I've tried typical pain/anti-inflammatory meds, oral steroids, muscle relaxers and nortriptyline. On the treatment side I've had about 8 chiropractor neck treatments and 20 acupuncture treatments. I'm now trying over the counter meds such as Ginko, garlic pills, b12 and multivitamins. I also stopped taking simvistatin but no affect.

      Of everything I've tried the nortriptyline and acupuncture have some favorable affect but only short term. The nortriptyline really dry's me out so cant take that long term. Nothing else rally helps. While I have ringing in both ears my main complaint is PAIN, chronic pain right in my ears combined with fullness! I have not read many reports about tinnitus pain and how to manage it. Any suggestions are welcome.

      Thanks in advance, btw I keep this off my mind by keeping very active...golf, ski, etc. Really helps.
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      Welcome to tinnitus talk. I am typing this on my phone, so I will be brief. Your experiences sound very similar to mine. I acquired tinnitus from a concert and have had the pain and aural fullness sensation too. The pain and fullness seemed to fade with time. I am happy that you are keeping busy, it's all too often very easy to curl up in a ball at home and feel sad for yourself when you first get tinnitus.

      Staying busy is great because it keeps you grounded in the real world and helps you to realize you're still a normal person, you just have tinnitus now too . It took me a long time to realize that.

      I'll write more tomorrow, but welcome, and keep hanging in there. Buddy
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      Hey MarkM, Hudson is spot on!! Stay active, try to have some fun, stay social, exercise and set a proper sleep pattern. Sorry to hear about your pain issue!! T is bad enough without physical pain as well!! :confused: Hunt around here on TT, lots of threads about treatments and therapies ! Try all sorts until you find what works!!

      Don't give up and convince yourself that you will overcome this, because YOU WILL!! (y)

      Best to you!! :welcomesignanimation:

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