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      Hello y'all. I'm Mayo, a fourteen year old. I had a pretty bad cold for about a week or two. One night, I got a tissue and had a long sneeze. Suddenly, my head was very dizzy and my ears were ringing. I thought nothing of this. The dizziness went away, but my ringing didn't. I assumed it would go overnight.

      However, when I woke up, the ringing was still there. I got really scared and researched this ringing. The best explanation was tinnitus. I got a YouTube clip to mask tinnitus, and it worked wonders. In school, the surrounding noise was fairly loud, so I never heard tinnitus (not that I wanted to hear it. ) In test conditions, and after about 7 pm, tinnitus was very obvious.

      Two weeks forward,I still have tinnitus. I can usually cope tinnitus, but studying is a pain in the arse. I need good grades to get to a good college, and tinnitus is making life difficult. I have yet to go to an ent yet. Thankfully, I like my life too much, and suicide thoughts are the last thing that occurs to me. However, reading is not pleasurable anymore.

      I only want to know one thing. What is the possible cause for my tinnitus? Can a bad cold really inflict tinnitus for someone young? And no, I'm in the school band, but I almost never use headphones/earphones, so high sound is fairly unlikely to be the cause of my tinnitus.

      Thanks for reading
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      Start using properly seated ear plugs for ALL music performance in concert band from now on. Foam plugs or custom molded musicians plugs...
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      Welcome. Sorry to hear your struggling with new T. This is a good thread from TT to guide new sufferers and it has masking sounds and sleep thread link too. Follow the steps and see if your condition will improve.


      (the icons on the left side give you instructions step by step)

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