I'm sick and something happen

Discussion in 'Support' started by kevin truong, Feb 25, 2014.

    1. kevin truong

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      Hello everyone,

      Whenever I yawn or swallow I hear crackling noise in my both ear. And I'm sick too. I tired of life already.

      What is happening to this world???:cry::cry:

      Am I going to be okay?
    2. Grace
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      Few days ago i noticed a clicking
      Noise in my right ear everytime
      I burp... I dont know what this is but the crackling noise seems similar
    3. mick

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      The crackling noise is not uncommon with tinnitus onset. It is likely due to swelling/inflamation of the eustachian tube(s), or extra thick mucous present in the tube. The swelling, inflammation, or mucous may be related to the cause of your T, or it can be another reaction to the cause of your T, or it can be the result of your T. I had the crackling sound shortly after T onset. It went away after a few weeks. It came back for a while when I had my first post-onset cold. If felt to me as if the inner surfaces of my eustachian tubes were sticking together.
    4. Ser

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      early 2014 - summer 2014
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      Noise induced
      I have this thing too, it's like when I'm ''preparing'' to yawn, when I just let the pressure though my ears, something inside ''breaks''/''cracks''..not sure if I'm using the right words.

      Also, I had been to the doctor, he said I have nasal discharge (I guess it's coming from my sinuses)...which led me to the conclusion my E-tubes might be blocked as nose, ears, sinuses and throat are all connected.

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