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    1. Tom58

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      I'm 58 years of age and work as a database administrator.

      Acquired tinnitus (multiple noises, including cricket sounds) at a gun range. I always use double protection (plugs + muffs), but this time I didn't have enough time to put them on. Someone fired their gun all of a sudden and that was it. Nothing else was needed. My ears immediately had this blocked feeling and high pitched ringing. A few hours later I noticed the cricket sound. They never went away.

      I've now had tinnitus for 5 years and still am troubled by it time to time.

      Thank you for having me here
    2. I completely understand the cricket sound description because that is what mine sounds like. I tell people that it always sounds like a summer evening in my head at the very least but sometimes other strange things work in too but I know those crickets.
    3. rogerg

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      Cricket sounds are common.. if you do a google search for "tinnitus crickets" you get a bunch of results. :confused:
    4. Welcom Tom, I have had T for four years now and still have trouble from time to time. I just take it as it comes, right now its day by day.
    5. AUTHOR

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      I like the crickets, because that's when the ringing is at a lower level. Most of the time my T is like upper-frequency telephone bells.

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