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Discussion in 'Support' started by branman79, Dec 30, 2013.

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      34 yr. old male - tinnitus in right ear.

      Im at wits end with this and am hoping someone can shed some light on whats happened to me. I think an answer or atleast some people that have had the same symptoms would help me feel ok but at this point ive yet to have a doctor give me a definate answer. I was doing crossfit pretty regularly through the summer and in early august i got what is called rhabdomylosis. Rhabdo is a muscle tissue break down that leaks into the blood stream and poisons the kidneys- not a fun thing to go through but i recovered. About 3 days after i left the hospital i got tinnitus in my right ear. Its been 6 months now 24/7 so its pretty safe to say that its not going to go away... There have been a couple weird things happen though before this and i hoping someone can relate. During the time of the rhabdo and before the tinnitus i felt a pop in my right ear and it imediately felt wet, stuck my finger in my ear but could not feel any fluid??? Has anyone experienced this? Ive had tinnitus, dizziness to sounds, head pressure, muscle spasms a ove my ears almost on a daily basis- does this sound familiar to anyone? Thank you in advance.
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      Suggest you see an ENT. They should be able to put you through a series of tests to try to figure out a reason. My tinnitus is due to Meniere's which is basically a build up of excessive endolympathic hydrops in the inner ear. There is also cochlear hydrops which causes similar symptoms including pressure/fullness and dizziness. It's possible that you might have a variant of either but I'm not a doctor so you could consider I'm guessing.
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      I have seen an ent,nuerologist, had mri and cat- all clear. Ent basically told me i had tinnitus from hearing loss and sent me on my way. Ive scheduled an apt with a highly regarded ent in seattle with hopes he can tell me something.... You have been diagnosed so im curious what are the treatments and are you doing better?
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      I also had muscle spasms a long time before I had the ringing. Don't know if its related.
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      Aug 2013
      Magpie how did you get diagnosed with Menieres? I'm just curious how a doc figures that out. What are your symptoms?

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