Inner Ear Myoclonus

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      Hi. I'm new to this site. I have been suffering from Inner ear myoclonus for 15 years now, and here is what I can tell you. It is episodic. It is 100% caused by STRESS, and no medications which suppress the CNS (Central Nervous System) work, as a matter of fact, it makes things much worse, including alcohol. I spoke with an expert on this subject many years ago, at Harvard University and he told me to try Tegretol, an epilepsy drug. Because of the many side effects of this drug and the fact that your blood levels need to be monitored, I never tried it. But recently, when the Stanley Brothers developed a hemp extract called Charlotte's Web for intractable epilepsy, I thought I had finally found my cure. NO DICE. I bought the 1500 mg bottle and took 15 drops 3 times a day, and just like every other CNS suppressant, it made things worse.

      In my experience this is simply a twitch, like an eye twitch or any other twitch, and it is episodic, brought on by stress, and resolves on its own. The only thing which has worked for me is destressing, by doing yoga, kundalini which focuses on breathing exercises, other things which are relaxing, and simply not focusing on it. Get Happy and it will go away.
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      Hi There, Welcome to the site :)
      I have this...... Mines is brought on my a hiccup, burp or yawn. Which is really strange. I also get it at night when I am lying in bed. It used to really stress me out and would last days. I do not let it bring me down anymore. I probably only suffer from it once a week now for a few hours. So it has improved. I am also taking Magnesium supplements as this is supposed to help muscles. I am still waiting on an ENT appointment but I am not hopeful as all the reports I have read show there is no cure :-(

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