Insomnia — 0 Hours of Sleep Over the Last 5 Days — Tinnitus Is So Freaking Loud

Discussion in 'Support' started by AndySop, Dec 7, 2018.

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      Hi all.

      I have had tinnitus for about 2 months now.

      I have been to a club once since my onset with earplugs, and now my tinnitus is so freaking high, that I have 0 hours of sleep the last 5 days...

      I'm soon going to die of insomnia, if I don't sleep... I don't want to die... :( I'm only 20...

      What to do?

      Furthermore I can't concentrate on simply tasks, my entire body is literally vibrating 24/7, so I can't be still. Feeling so fucking restless. I didn't sign up for this shit... having all kind of very bad thoughts 24/7 - but I had so much for live for... Why fucking me...

      Please need support :(
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    2. Bill Bauer
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      I had insomnia from anxiety about 4 months ago. after not sleeping a single moment for 3 days, I went to the ER and they gave me Ativan. I went home and slept for 12 hours after that. I know its a Benzo and its addictive. but I just took it 3 different times and then never again to avoid addiction. Yes , not sleeping can wreck havoc on your body so if nothing else is working, ask your doctor for Ativan. I hate meds. I avoid even aspirin. But not sleeping for days is some serious shit. if you tried melatonin or sleeping pills and they still dont work, I think Ativan would help. It's one of the Benzes that have a sedative add-on. I took the absolute minimum dose. Takes about 1 hour to kick in. What eventually broke my insomnia cycle was staying at friends house for 2 nights as the change of scenery and bedroom helped and eating home made vegetable soup packed with vitamins and minerals to replenish my body and mind to deal with the anxiety better without the use of benzos.
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    4. glynis

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      @AndySop ,
      Melatonin can help sleep and long term a low antidepressant for sleep is better than addicted to sleeping tablets.
      You can try playing soft music at night also.
      love glynis

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