Interested in Becoming a Part of the Video "This Is My Tinnitus"?

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    1. We are making a video that demonstrates some of our members' tinnitus.

      The instructions
      • Record a video of yourself (mobile phone, webcam, any method is fine) saying: "My name is John, and this is my tinnitus". Replace John with your name.
        If you want, you can record two versions, the other being: "My name is John and I'm from Japan. This is my tinnitus."
        If you only want to record one version, choose the first one without location.
      • Send a private conversation to us (click here to send), and describe the sound of your tinnitus as well as you can. Steve will create an audio file of it.
      • After that you will also receive further instructions on how to send the recorded video to us. We will use a service called WeTransfer. It's very easy, even novices have no trouble using it.

      Thank you. We will let everyone know in this thread once we have enough people.
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      So that the video would demonstrate other types of tinnitus sounds too, we are also looking for people with sounds other than high-pitched ringing.

      Please read the above post if this would be of interest to you and send us a private conversation as per the above instructions.
    3. Djurov

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      Im in for helping.
      Might record the clip after my apointment with the ciropactor!
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      Status update

      We would like to have two more people in the video.

      If your tinnitus sound differs in any way from the usual high-pitched ringing, please think about being featured on our video and having your tinnitus sound matched by @Steve.

      Please contact us for further instructions.
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