Interesting Article About Chronic Pain and Ion Channels

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      Somewhat off-topic, but I just stumbled over an interesting article in Scientific American about chronic pain.
      While it's not about tinnitus, it might still be an interesting read for those interested in the broader context, as the mechanisms in play are somewhat similar.

      The basic mechanisms and challenges sound eerily familiar:
      - There's no real drug yet.
      - Recent research shows that a mayor problem may be hyperactive ion channels (although of the Na_v instead of the K_v variety).
      - Sometimes there's also cross talk between nerves that should not influence each other (sounds like somatic tinnitus).
      - There's something called allodynia, which basically means that a normal touch feels painful (sounds like hyperacusis).

      All in all it's an interesting article giving some details about ion channels and the nervous system.
      However, as I said, it has nothing at all about tinnitus in it, so don't read it hoping that it will give you any direct tinnitus insight!
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