Interesting: Brainwaves Influence Hearing Abilities

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      Interesting: Our bodily functions cyclically change along with environmental rhythms, like light and dark, and this in turn governs our perceptions and our behaviour. Likewise, our hearing ability also changes.

      Researchers Molly Henry and Jonas Obleser from the Max Planck Institute in Germany have discovered that our hearing depends on the exact timing of our brain’s rhythms.

      Our brains, sound and behaviour are therefore connected and coupled and our brain activity consequently influences the way we listen.

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      Yes, very interesting. I wonder if this research could be applied to sound therapy for tinnitus sufferers. I also think the article reinforces the potential power of rTMS and tDCS. Likewise, neurofeedback also affects oscillatory patterns, and this treatment is also used for tinnitus.

      Since oscillatory patterns affect hearing abilities, I wonder if they could explain why some people's tinnitus fluctuates. And, if so, then determining these oscillations might be harnessed into a treatment modality.
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      and.. where are the scientists at? no studies?
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      We're not yet at a level where we have a way of treating thalamocortical dysrythmia efficiently.
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