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Discussion in 'Support' started by RaZaH, Jul 8, 2015.

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      Not surprising. Anyone who is in-the-know would reach the same conclusions. There are countless complete shit-tier useless articles with poorly chosen controls (sometimes absent as well wtf?), unadequate sample sizes are no statistical analysis. Navigating through the academic scientific litterature is quite a hurdle. Not to mention many articles producing meaningless results just for the sake of publishing. Peer review is a complete joke now, it seems people are more concerned correcting gramatical errors than to challenge the scientific ideas themselves.

      Replicating published results from other labs almost never works, and since science funding is quite scarce no ressources are devoted to try to replicate results. It only happens when outlandish claims are made such as the ''discovery'' of arsenic based DNA a few years ago.
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      Yup ---terrible science. Develop a drug, fund small scale clinicals with mixed results, publish slanted findings, market the hell out of it, make $billions$ off it, get sued, pay $millions$ in settlements and fines, rinse repeat
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