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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by IsaacNewTinn, Nov 15, 2014.

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      Hey everyone. I'm a 29 year old guy here in San Francisco. I hope it isn't considered rude to just join and ask for advice, but I just recently began dealing with tinnitus and don't have a good understanding of it yet and I have a question.

      I was at a concert on Wednesday night. I was right up at the stage, immediately in front of a speaker. The next day, I woke up with somewhat muffled hearing, a ringing sound, and some physical discomfort in my right ear. I was able to see an ENT doctor that day, and after a check up, he said there was no physical damage of any kind.

      Today, my hearing is much less muffled. The physical discomfort has also decreased. The ringing has gone away, except for when I either am in a loud place, talk for more than a few minutes, or have a cigarette. After any of these things, the ringing returns for a few minutes and then goes away again.

      I'm currently optimistic that these symptoms will dissipate over the next few days. I'm assuming they're resulting from the concert and that I will continue to gradually feel better until I no longer have these symptoms. Please let me know if you think this expectation is unreasonable!

      Additionally, I currently smoke 5-10 cigarettes a day. I know I need to quit. Obviously. But it would obviously be difficult to just quit cold turkey right now. But I'm wondering about the type of impact which smoking has on tinnitus. Will smoking just cause me to hear ringing for a few minutes, or will it actually increase how long this tinnitus lasts? Assuming for now that this would go away in a few days if I didn't smoke, will me smoking right now cause it to last beyond that?

      When I smoke, am I just risking a few minutes of ringing? Or am I risking causing this problem to continue longer?

      I appreciate this place existing. This is an unexpected issue for me to be dealing with. Any input or information would be greatly appreciated!
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      Loud noise
      I'm far from an expert. But for what it's worth here's my advise. You have caused some damage to your ears. Probably just short term. Otherwise why would you have problems with your ears after a concert? But who knows. After suffering severe tinnitus for around 4/5 months, one thing i've realised is that the ear is a very complicated piece of machinery. Your doctor has no idea what damage may/may not, have been caused by simply looking in the ear with a light and magnifier.
      Anyway i'm not trying to worry you. And i'm sure your ears will go back to normal. But i personally would quit smoking, not put yourself in danger of loud noise again (within reason) and see if you can get a second opinion if problems persist.
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      Probably headphones
      Just quit. No excuses. Smoking is one of the stupidest things to ruin one's health. (no offense) :)
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      I definitely know that I should quit. But being reminded of that doesn't help me make an informed decision about my present situation. While I intend to quit in the near future, I know that I am likely unable to do so this weekend. So having information about the tinnitus risks associated with smoking can help me decide how many cigarettes to smoke over the next couple days. Without such information, I may underestimate how much I should cut back.
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      Most likely acoustic hearing loss
      If smoking increases your T please consider reduction or cessation. Smoking does not affect my T. Caffeine does, and I moderate my intake based on how it affects my T. Best wishes with your condition, Trebor
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      loud noise / festival
      Just relax and don't go into areas with very loud music for a month or two. The one thing you really NEED to do to protect Yourself from getting your tinnitus worse is wear earplugs to clubs and concerts and festivals. When you forget your earplugs don't go to the party but go back home and get your earplugs. I had t that Didn't do Anything Harm but i made the stupid mistake to party a night long withouten earplugs when i forgot them and since then my t is bad. You don't have to quit partying but really get the earplugs

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