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      Hello. I've had tinnitus since 2006 or so. Went to ENT and UCSF and after all that was said and done I have typical hearing loss and tinnitus in both ears 40L/60R. I don't hear much above 6000Hz. I have used various relaxation therapies such as meditations and sounds on my Ipod and got a set of calm classical music with the 6000Hz and above progressively increased to +10dB. The classical music is very nice and relaxing. I've tried the notched sounds therapy but that didn't seem to do much for me and even left me feeling a little worse. My own efforts to cognitively remove the fear and understand it is just a sound and acceptance has allowed me to live with this.

      Up to this month I was doing well with tuning it out but it amped up recently to 6000+Hz (a real squeal). That's caused considerable anxiety which I've had to cope with using meds. It is quite a mental challenge. Sleep loss makes it worse.

      I am finding I go through these periods where it gets worse and I must re-adjust to the new condition.

      My hearts go out to all of you. May we have a cure sometime soon. I'm interested in whatever medical and medicinal trials are going on out there.
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