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      Hello,everyone ,i come from China,i wanna describe my experience of tinnitus,i am a 24 years old boy,and i have about 8 year Masturbation habit ,i felt my right ear tinnitus abruptly last mouth,and it happens after i finish the Masturbation,i am not sure it is related to the Masturbation,and i am afriad ,and find a
      GP,he just give me a betahistine tablet ,and i used for several weeks,but it is not too useful,and after that i
      often the internet ,and come back to China cause the efficiency of working is too bad in uk,after i arrived
      China,i do a lot of inspection for my ear,i did not hvce a hearing lose and the ear is normal ,and the doctor give me some medicine that cannot find in uk ,cause it came from the traditional medicine,the second time ,it is useless too,and i also do a test for my neck,so fast ,the result shows i have a cervical disc herniation
      ,the doctor said that the may occur tinnitus,and my tinnitus is high tone,and i often feel tinnitus is coming when the ear occur some discomfort.
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT @LE SONG . Masturbation as a possible reason for T is inconclusive at best, but it has been mentioned by some members as a possible reason for causing their T. It seems from your post that you have seen quite a few doctors about your T. If they can't find any reason for your T, then it is best you keep a positive attitude about it and let time do the healing. You can learn some strategies such as CBT, mindfulness meditation, or use some supplements such as NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12 etc., and you can try to cut back on salt, sugar, caffeine, MSG etc. Members here generally recommend these stuffs to see if they can help. If your T is causing you much anxiety, then you should try to mask it. Try the following masking sounds from sites such as these:

      TT audio player:

      If you like to make rain sound matching your T:
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      loud music/chemotherapy/hypercalcemia

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