Invitation to Hell

Discussion in 'Support' started by I who love music, Jun 22, 2015.

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      This week my son told me his friend who plays in a rock band told him he's getting the "Beginnings" of tinnitus. My son told him he'd better talk to "His dad," me. I was thinking of the folks here as I was explaining to the young man how T works. Unfortunately he thinks the "Beginnings" of T are something he thinks will pass. It was hard telling him that it's not "Beginnings," rather, it's T itself. It was like talking to my young self who didn't seriously heed the warning signs the body is throwing out there. I told him I'm a member of a forum and I've been helped tremendously and there are many ways to deal with T. I could see by his expression that it was slowly sinking in and he was accepting the fact he has T. I cut out the loud music when I was about 18. This young man is about 24 and I'm worried for him. I told him it's an invitation to hell if he keeps abusing his ears. I also told him about the Back To Silence method because the day's coming for him when he'll have to act. He already is obsessing about the volume, the tones, etc..
      Lo and behold he purchased an old mandolin and is going to pursue some more acoustic music. I don't know if he's giving up the other loud stuff, but any time playing softly is healthy time not playing loudly.
      Now I feel bad I didn't warn him a couple years ago.
      For anyone who's played in bars, practiced in basements, and diddled with amps, you know what kind of sonic torture this can be.
      Let's warn the young folks.
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      Noisey Lifestyle. Increase from infection.
      To illustrate i put 3 different tonal sounds and one pink noise slightly below conversational level and say this is how my t sounds, can you live with that 24/7? Im not turning it pff until people start to beg for it.
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      barotrauma? stress?
      @PK, you just crafted an interesting concept for an awareness campaign for T.

      If every T patient in the world played their T 24/7 **slightly below conversational level** on speaker (smartphone/pad/mp3 player) that could raise awareness in society! And open up some minds.

      Of course, the volume shouldn't be too loud cos our goal is awareness and not annoyance.

      However, this kind of campaign can only work by **the strength of numbers**. It has to be a viral movement in the T community. Otherwise it won't have any impact.

      You know, the media do not care about us. No one does! I tried to get their attention, but they had no interest in my story whatsoever.
      So what do you guys think? Shall we try to initiate this campaign?

      I say, let's do it.
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