Is a Change in Tinnitus Sound Necessarily Indicative of Worsening Hearing?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nic B, Mar 10, 2015.

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      Hello folks, long time no talk!

      I just have a quick question (as the title says): Is a change in Tinnitus sound Necessarily Indicative of worsening hearing?

      I ask because I find that my tinnitus has gotten very weird lately. I've learned to ignore the high pitch for the most part by gradually removing masking and keeping a positive attitude, but since then, it gave way to (or I have simply noticed) a new really weird sound in my right ear. It's a lower pitch, and when I either block my ear or have headphones in, it almost sounds like machinery. It's not a constant, super-high pitched sound, it's like a weird pumping. Still fairly high pitched, kinda like a buzzing of a fridge that goes up and down in pitch.

      I don't mind the new sound, and to be honest it's a lot easier to mask when there is any ambient noise, but I guess I just want to make sure that it's not an indication of my hearing getting ''worse''. I still play in a band (but I wear ear protection now) and it doesn't seem to affect my T when I wear plugs, as when I take them off I do not feel this plugged/exhausted/ringing like I used to when I jammed without protection.

      Anyone else experience weird/unorthodox T sounds or changes in T?

      Thanks guys!
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      Your initial T is reactive you mean? Not maskable? Now the new sound is maskable?
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      Hi Nic,

      Is the "pumping" or "machine" sound a whooshing, clicking, thumping, or pulsing sensation? Is the rhythm in sync with your heartbeat? (In other words, matches your pulse, and if you engage in exercise, does it speed up to match your heart rate?) If your answer is yes to both of these, you may have acquired a secondary pulsatile tinnitus which may not be related to hearing at all. It may indicate a vascular condition (such as a blockage or a narrowing of your arteries), or some other neurological conflict. It may be worthwhile getting this new secondary tinnitus evaluated, especially if it is truly pulsatile, since unlike tinnitus caused by hearing damage, there are known treatments and cures for pulsatile tinnitus, provided that the cause can be identified and is in a treatable region of your cardiovascular system.
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      No I don't think t changes are a sign of worsening hearing (but small chance they could be). But the only way to prove this to yourself is to get fairly regular ear tests and compare them after t changes. If your playing in a band you don't want to end up causing your t to become worse through further hearing loss

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