Is Anyone Else in a Similar Situation?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by richardzhang, Dec 30, 2014.

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      Hi, I have had tinnitus for about three weeks now. I dont know how it started, but I do know that I only noticed it after an at-home ear wax removal. The sound has been varying in pitch throughout the weeks.

      Interestingly, I noticed that if I hear a pitch similar to the tinnitus sound, my tinnitus goes away/becomes quieter momentarily. For example, if I listen to the 7000Hz sound on for a few seconds, this would happen.

      Is anyone else in a similar situation? Does this mean anything?
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      not sure
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      When I do this with headphones, I hear quite clearly a significant change in pitch with the slightest turn of my head to either side. My frequency is around 10 kHz, and it changes by I would guess at least 1 kHz with head turn. I find it amazing how changes to (within) a nerve connected to the ear can affect a perceived sound that has an origin in the brain. Or at least that's what I assume as far as origin...

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