Is Anyone Else Seeing a Psychologist or a Therapist? Did It Help With Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by christine kauhane, Nov 7, 2013.

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      In about an hour i'm off to see my psychologist, ive been seeing her ever since this T started so about 4 months at first i was going 3 times a week then after 2 months i now see her once a month.... at first i was kinda not sure if would help but when i met her and told he what i was going through with my T she told me she also had T ever since she was 9 years old ! due to loud music oh my goodness can you imagine having this shit at 9 yrs old, i was blessed to be with some one who understands me. we worked on sound therapy and how to not focus on the sound but on other sounds around you, i have learned alot there are still those days when i feel like why do i still have this but i can get my self out of that mood a little more faster without anxity and stress, i focus on other stuff around me, well is anyone else here seeing a psychologist? care to share what you learned or has it help you cope with T....
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      hi christine,
      i am sure a psychologist can be of great help, i have not been to one but i have found that the absolute best psychologist is your inner self, we all have it in us, we just have to tap into it, personally i find being good to yourself and others around you and working on positivity as well as put the past to rest , i find to accept what you have, yes there are bothersome times but life is a wonderful gift , just that some of us have to deal with curb balls thrown at us, over here in canada where the cold winds are upon us, kevin

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