Is ATARAX a Safe Sleeping Pill to Take?

Discussion in 'Support' started by amandine, Nov 1, 2014.

    1. amandine

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      july 2014
      My general doctor and ENT doctor have both prescribed me ATARAX for sleep aid relaxation.
      I am wondering if anyone knows whether this is safe to take or not before I take it.
      I simply do not trust the doctors but would value responses fm members on this forum, many who appear to be far more informed about this prolem of T than the majority of docs that I have spoken with.
      Thanking you for all your advice
    2. yonkapin

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      Atarax is Hydroxyzine, a first generation antihistamine:

      Antihistamines are tricky when it comes to ototoxicity. Many of them list tinnitus as a possible side effect but there haven't really been many follow up studies to specifically verify whether or not they are truly ototoxic.

      I know there are some members that regularly take similar first generation antihistamines like Benadryl (diphenhydramine) with no negative effects on their tinnitus. I was taking doxylamine succinate, another first generation antihistamine, for a while with no negative effects, it actually used to quiet my tinnitus.

      I did find this on the Wikipedia page though:

      I would probably investigate some alternative sleeping medications first just to be on the safe side.

      If you haven't already tried it, I'd suggest giving melatonin ( a shot first. It's natural, cheap and super effective. It's also a very potent antioxidant that has been shown to be beneficial for the body and brain in numerous studies.

      Other members on here use low dose mitrazepam (Remeron) for sleep.

      Also, exercise!
    3. AUTHOR

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      july 2014

      Thanks for your reply
      Just wondering as it is not clear, please can you tell me whether your wikipedia report is for ATARAX or the pill that you take Benadryl.
      Please would you claridy
      I go to sleep naturally ie no meds but can only get 4 or 5 hours maximum without meds
    4. yonkapin

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      March 2012
      Atarax is Hydroxyzine:
      (from the Wikipedia article)

      To simplify my initial reply, you should first try natural alternatives like melatonin supplementation and rigorous exercise (running, biking, etc) first before moving onto something like Atarax (an antihistamine) for sleep because of the possible side effects which specifically includes tinnitus in the Wikipedia article.
    5. Lisa Robinson

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      I usually get given Zopiclone to help me sleep with my tinnitus.
    6. Atarax is like taking a bit of sugar, does absolutely nothing for me. I was prescribed it at my T onset against the anxiety. I tried to pop 6-7 pills at time but totally useless imo. Go for some exercise instead, it does a lot better.
    7. AUTHOR

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      july 2014
      @Nick the Swede
      @Lisa Robinson

      Thank you for replying to my post.

      Hi All,
      Well I took the Melatonin. It also has Zinc and Magnesium and some other herb / plant.
      1mg tabs at 13.50 euros for one month supply. What is odd is that it has 1mg pills to take at night and then 1mg tabs to take during the day. Both are melatonin but the day time one has Ginko as well.
      Hasn't made any difference in my ability to sleep only 4 hours at most.
      Daytime first day that i took the day pill I did feel much better. Also T was down, very down, for 2 days running which I never had before.
      So forgot to take the daytime pill the next day and the T was up but.....
      Last night I took 2 melantonin tabs ie 2mg but made no difference - I still woke up 4 hours later.
      However laid in bed for a further approx 1.5 hourss and went back to sleep naturally for a further 3 hours.
      Going potty here - oh forgot, also took half a xanax on the day that i did not take the daytime melantonin,
      Anyhow, my question to all is - I have not seen any posts on here regarding DAYTIME melantonin. But this is how it is sold here in France. Or can melantonin only for nighttime but it is half the pack size of the one I currently have and much more expensive which is potty.
      Please can anyone tell me whether they are aware of daytime melatonin as well.
      Thank you
    8. Valentin

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      antihistamine won't make you sleepy, just drowsy which in my case keeps me awake because i kinda feel like my limbs being put asleep and my brain does react to that by keeping me awake and pulling me out the pre sleep state until the effect is gone.
    9. JuJub

      JuJub Member

      My dermotolgist prescribed me atarax for a dermatitis issue (to keep me from stress scratching at night). my stress scratching has been cured and I occasionaly use atarax still to help me sleep when I need it. I have a very small dose (10mg) and can take up to 3 in one evening. I have never had to take more than two and now since I don't take it nightly, when I need it just one dose does the trick. It seams to work within about 15 minutes of laying down for bed. I get a full nights sleep. It does cause my dreams to be vivid and I can be a little groggy in the morning. I ususally have some green tea and a healthy breakfast and I am fine the rest of the day. Hope this helps.

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