Is Bothersome Tinnitus Just a Bad "Habit"?

Discussion in 'Support' started by scott kuz, Apr 21, 2014.

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      I say bothersome, as that type of T is primarily a mental deal. A set pattern of thinking.

      Thoughts seem to organize and get processed in the mind in connected bunches. Once we establish a
      pattern, it becomes hard to break. Fear and worry definitely have a knack for creating more dense thought
      patterns. Call it a habit, if you will, compulsive at that, the constant checking of the noise by those with
      bothersome T.

      There are good and bad patterns of thought. Bad patterns are repetitive, recursive, constantly falling back on itself, usually brought on and strengthened by fear and worry. Good patterns change and adapt, as circumstances allow and present themselves.

      We can definitely get stuck with fixed, repetitive patterns of thought, call them habitual. That seems to be why those that can retrain their thoughts get their life back with T. The lucky majority that do NOT give
      T onset much significance have no thoughts to retrain, as they never built up a faulty pattern of fear/worry loops to begin with........

      Again, bothersome T is simply a bad habit that is hard, but possible, to break....
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      Shit happens
      I must ask how are you doing breaking this bad habit nowadays?
    3. Martin69

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      (Health) Anxiety
      I would agree to this. My T started when I was in fight or flight mode because of anxiety having a brain tumor or something else (after having headaches for three weeks). I doubt that in that particular moment, my hair cells damaged. So it was induced by stress.

      I do have age-related hearing loss in the high frequencies where my T is. In the meantime I think that maybe I had T already before - like many others who don't notice. But at that moment, the sound in my head tuned up so loud I had to notice. It was like a fire alarm, so loud and unbearable.

      As I have learned, the brain now focussed constantly on this new intrusive noise. I could imagine that if someone would do a brain reset and cleans T completely from my memory, maybe it would be no longer there. So I don't know if it is this overactive neurons thing or just the brain itself focussing on a sound that was already there, but became louder during a short period.

      I also remember someone reported on the Internet who became T during a Yoga course. So they had to concentrate on silence and all sounds they can here. He finally found the sounds in his head and started monitoring it. T started.

      I guess this is also what Jastreboff and Hazell are teaching us. It is just music of the brain and pretty boring. If it would be that easy to accept....
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      Martin..I think it is both...

      Overactive Neurons themselves AND the brain overprocessing a fear threat.....goes together perfectly.....both two sides of the same coin....the trick is to forget and not give a damn about T, and hope the neuron fear patterns grow weaker and disconnect over time..I am quite sure that is what happens to people who lose their T after a spell....the brain just says
      "Okay, these connections are meaningless, so better spend my neuron processing time on something else", and then the connections fall apart"....
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      Noise exposure
      Mine started after I thought I had gotton an ear infection even though I hadnt next thing you know T arrived.

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