Is It Common for People with Neurotinnitus to Have Some Somatic Response?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Thuan, Aug 14, 2020.

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      @Greg Sacramento Hi Greg, I've been wanting to ask you a question because you're the expert for somatic tinnitus in this forum. Is it common for people with neurotinnitus to have a little bit of somatic response, such as chin tuck and yawning?

      I know I got tinnitus from a month of ear infection (it was stupid of me not to go to the doctor immediately...). I can confirm that I do have hearing loss in the UHF range on my bad, right ear. The strange thing is, I also developed severe TMJ on my right side (strong locking pain every day or few days randomly) three months after my ear infection but then the TMJ somewhat resolved itself half a year later where I rarely get a locking pain once a month. I also have a lower torus mandibularis on the right side and my ENT "suspect" that I grind my teeth at night. I'm going to see a dentist after all the COVID-19 restrictions ease.

      What I find puzzling is that when I tuck my chin (only this movement), my tinnitus volume goes up probably by 20%. The other factor that makes my tinnitus goes up immediately is yawning naturally (I can't make my tinnitus go up in volume by fake yawning). So my question: if my tinnitus is neurological, why does the chin tuck or yawning make my tinnitus volume go up? Are these normal symptoms even for neurotinnitus? I just feel that I have so many bad symptoms only on my right side. TMJ on my right jaw joint, torus mandibularis on my lower jaw, weekly headaches the right side of my head, and then tinnitus on the right ear.

      I'm curious to read your opinions. Thank you.

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