Is It Tinnitus? Please Read. I Need Help.

Discussion in 'Support' started by zenxpowert, Jan 17, 2016.

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      My name is Alexandre, for some weeks now i have been having a wierd symptom.

      So the fourth January 2016 i woke up in midnight, nothing new i usually awake in the night and just fall back asleep pretty much like any person, but this time my cat was making noise, so i decided to pet him a little, after about a minute i went back to sleep. But all of a sudden an extreme "very extreme" noise came out of nowhere in both my ears, it is the most aigu noise i have ever heard, like an ultrasound we could say. It already happened in the past i have a noise in my left ear but it was lasting 5 seconds or less. But this sound was very different almost like, to be honest it is so aigu the only thing i could say it sounded like a dog whistle. I moved my ear with my fingers. it sort of went away, but then as soon as i would put my head back to my pillow, sound starts again from low to very high. I would stay awake for 20 minutes and end up falling back asleep from fatigue.

      I wake up, noise is still very present. but i thought it might just very well be an infection or just i don't know a i cough a lot so i told myself that might just be normal. The day passes, i decide to go to sleep its about 1:00 am.
      The sound was now back has loud as the night before. I told my mom about it and she said too it might just be irritation or a little infection. Nothing to worry about, i fall asleep.

      2 weeks pass or so:

      So now it has been about 2 weeks and there are no improvements, i kept whining to my mom about the noise every day the of the past 2 weeks. Still i live in Canada, medical treatments and going to the hospital is free thanks to assurance health card. But it takes forever to see a doctor unless you're classified has an "ER" (you are about to die or close to it). So if i go to the hospital it will most likely take over 20 hours of waiting before seeing a doctor which will most likely refere me to a ORL and which will take forever to see. And since i just turned 18 years old i don't have a family doctor.

      The next day (yesterday 1/15/2016):

      I am a gamer, so since my mic broke before christmas and i wanted to play with my online friend i used my little brother's headset. The sound had decreased and i felt like it would be okay to finally use an headset. I played the entire night from 7:30 pm to 5:00 am.

      5:00 am (1/15/2016):

      Me and my friend tell each others good night after our last game of league of legends. I then remove my headset. As soon has i do, god, the sound, the sound was SO F*CKING LOUD (sorry for language.) I took 2 hours to fall asleep, the sound was so powerful i couldn't concentrate on anything else, even thought i used my phone to put music. I ended up falling asleep at 7:00 am from fatigue.

      Today (1/16/2016):

      I wake up at 12:30 pm (diner time), Sound still as powerful as before i was trying to sleep a couple of hours ago. I call my mom immediatly which went with my dad buy some things at the market, i started crying and told her the sound is more powerful than ever i had nausea, i was about to do something bad... My mom went immediatly to the house, called at local drug store and asked to quickly get someone to check my ears (you know with that machine all doctors use). We go to the drug store, end up seeing the nurse, i told her everything i just told you. She checks my ears, both my ears seems very normal to her (I tell myself that's it, it's a tinnitus and i'll have it the rest of my life so i might as well go kill myself because i won't endure this pain for the rest of my life.). Well as you can see i didn't killed myself yet, i will go see a doctor tommorow.


      So now what you guys think, is this a tinnitus? something else? if it is a tinnitus do i have some chance from it to go away? after all it isn't like i had listened to loud music or anything before it started. But right now my ears are killing me as i am writing this. Please answer me.

      1. Thank you all if you have read the text to respond me.
      2. I hope that this is not a tinnitus.
      I hope you all will live a healthy life.
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      Yes, you sadly do have tinnitus. Get your mom to take to a ENT ASAP. And lay off the headset NOW. Dunno how loud you were playing, but the fact that that your ears were ringing is unfortunately not a good sign.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi @zenxpowert,

      It sounds like tinnitus to me but has every chance of going as fast has it came.
      Try keep off headphones and ear phones as your ears don't like them and could make matters worse.
      Their is help for tinnitus and will get great support on here round the clock and we totally know what you are going through .....lots of love glynis
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      I was told i have tinnitus by the doctor, I got a prescription to see an audiologist within 1-2 months from today and after that an ORL, still i am pretty concerned, im always freaking depressed i cant even laugh since this day.

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