Is My Tinnitus Getting Better? Can It Get Better?

Discussion in 'Support' started by -serotonin-, Dec 11, 2018.

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      I think I have good news. My tinnitus is practically nonexistent during the day unless I really search for it, even in silence as long as I don't stay for too long. I can't tell if I've just gotten used to it or if it's gone away.

      Should I even worry? I'm happy, but keep thinking about whether it will return or not and whether I can hear it in different quiet spaces. It started soon after I got rid of my fish tanks in preparation for moving. I've never had silence while I slept before. I've had a fish tank running since I was in grade school. I bought a bubbler just to make some noise after the tinnitus started, and it's practically gone away again. Do I just need sound while I sleep so my brain doesn't make its own?

      I really don't want to have to tell any future roommate or partner that they have to listen to a bubbler to prevent my tinnitus from coming back or getting worse.

      And what if I don't set up my tanks again? Will I just keep a bowl full of water with a bubbler in it for the rest of my life?

      Can having/not having sound at night really cause and/or fix tinnitus if your brain is used to it one way or the other?
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      That's something I'm experimenting with currently. I'm turning down the volume of my sound machine to see if in fact my tinnitus is reacting to it.

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