Is Permanent Pain Hyperacusis Not Caused by (Loud) Sound Possible?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Talof, Nov 29, 2021.

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    1. Talof

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      Is it possible: permanent pain hyperacusis not caused by (loud) sound?

      For a few weeks now I've been experiencing pain in my ears that feels exactly like the pain I felt whenever I was exposed to too loud sounds or to certain frequencies.

      Except this time, what has caused this are not loud sounds or certain frequencies. And, in the past this phenomenon would disappear after a few days.

      I'm experiencing ear pain, dizziness and pressure in ears.
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    2. Taw

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      Pain hyperacusis since 03/2021
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      Acoustic trauma (drum lessons)
      The hyperacusis can return anytime and can disappear like it appeared. Unfortunately usually it returns with greater revenge, so try to protect your ears.

      Your symptoms are very similar to mine, I also experience burning pain, neck pain and TMJ pain, it's a deadly combo.
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