Is There a List of NON-Ototoxic Drugs?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mystery Reader, Aug 21, 2020.

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      Hey, folks!

      We all know at this point that the internet is loaded with lists of ototoxic drugs.

      The lists of ototoxic drugs, while useful, can feel overwhelming to go through. I like to try to be as prepared as possible when visiting any MD, because the subject of tinnitus and sound sensitivities is going to have to come up, no matter what.

      It would be nice if there was a list somewhere of potentially safer alternatives, listed categorically, for things like antibiotics, eye drops (those used for dilation during exams, as well as any that might need to be prescribed), antidepressants, pain medication, etc., so that we could tell the MD that "Such and such a drug might be safer for me."

      Having said that, I know there are no guarantees with anything like this. Just reading through the forum will tell you that people have had different experiences with different things, even with meds that might be considered "safer."

      And maybe I've just answered my own question; maybe that's the reason I've not been able to find one. Maybe the variables are just too many for anyone to responsibly create such a list.

      But if anyone knows of a link from a reputable source to such a thing, I'd be interested just in terms of further personal research.

      I know it's not possible for an MD to know the specifics of every drug out there that might be used during a procedure or prescribed afterward, and few are likely to know what to do in terms of a patient with tinnitus. We have to do the information gathering ourselves.

      Thank you, and hope you are all doing well!

      Mystery Reader
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      I see this is an old post, but I'd love to see this list too!
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      Second it.
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      For starters- we can share our personal anecdotes as well. I was super concerned about antibiotics and when I took doxycycline it did NOT cause a marked spike. Others have reported spikes- but it tends to be lower on the proverbial list. I know aminoglycosides are a major no. NSAIDs are bad too... apparently Tylenol and aspirin are “less ototoxic” than ibuprofen/Aleve... asprins effects are generally believed to be temporary so if you have to take a pain killer/fever reducer it’s could be a better option- it also is anti inflammatory. Tylenol is not anti inflammatory if you are needing that property. Generally I read that shorter duration and lower dosage is recommended. If I really needed something I would take low dosage aspirin. I also read norco for a pain killer is a better option. With that said- most drugs are considered ototoxic so it’s a gamble.

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