Is There More to It Than "Just" a Sound?

Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Jun 11, 2014.

    1. valeri

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      Just thinking about this, why people suffer so much if it's "just" a sound as some like to say?

      I mean it is a sound but I think there's more to it, otherwise there wouldn't be so much misery around it!
      What do you think?
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    2. dan

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      A regular sound is heard as if it was external- as in at some distance away from you head, tinnitus is heard inside your cranium.
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      It's not really in your ears, it's a neural pathway that the brain develops for some reason and it makes you perceive a sound, or sounds, all the time, day and night till it really gets on your nerves. The problem is that a great many different things can cause the brain to do this abnormal thing so there's no way to just fix it. I hope I explained it right, someone else say something different if I wasn't quite on the mark.
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    4. inadmin

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      Very good question.

      1. It is something that "haunts" you ALL the time, without any switch that can turn it off. You cannot take a break from it.

      2. It's out of your control.

      3. It's choric (not on all cases), so that sound accompnies us for life.

      4. Yes it's just a sound. Try playing a high pitched sound to someone for 30 seconds, see what the response will be.

      5. It is dominant- on quiet places which a majority of people spend a decent amount of the day it's just there and for me it's impossible to ignore at least without masking.

      It's just a sound - but it's a torture.
    5. Valentin

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    6. leelo

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      for the majority of people it is "just" a sound. A slight whisper at night you can easily not hear by turning on a fan. But for others it is extremely loud and it even pulsates. It is "just" a sound but that sound differs in pitch and intensity. That's where tinnitus becomes an issue. When it interferes with sleep and communicating with people. That's when it is no longer "just" a sound but an issue.
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    7. RaZaH

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      Benzo + loud noise
      @inadmin Indeed ! I could play one component of my T the 3.1khz wheee sound to anyone and they would go "please , stop playing that" after about 5-10 seconds. Then I could play the hi-pitch14khz modulated Satan noise and I would get slapped within 2-3 seconds. And we have to endure this 24/7 . Its a form of torture.
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    8. inadmin

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      You're forgetting the in between. For me it's not a slight whisper and not extremely loud. It does not interfere with my sleep (I have a computer running next to my bed) or communicating with people. It's somewhere in the middle. And it's still an issue.
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