Is This a Tinnitus Spike? Caused by Noise or TMJ Disorders or Sleeping Problems or Something Else?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Kritish Gooriah, May 31, 2018.

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      ear surgery acoustic trauma tmj ETD
      Since last week, I have had sleeping problems and I took ibuprofen to alleviate inflammation after dental work, and my tinnitus was quieter and my hearing was better. I think I have TMJ disorders.

      Between Thursday and Friday, I had to babysit my niece and Friday evening, I ate a pizza and I played videogames at a friend's house.

      Sunday, I heard music during the preparations of a marriage of a friend during approximately 5 hours in a small apartment, I have an application on my smartphone, I measured the noise level a few times. The noise level was of (56,9 db leq max, dB: between 31 and 66, peak dB: between 42,6 and 89,2).

      Since then, I have felt a tinnitus spike. I see a new family doctor, Monday, he didn't prescribe me prednisone and Wednesday, I asked him a prescription of prednisone, he didn't want to prescribe it, according to him, prednisone is dangerous, he told me, I can take one or two tablets of ibuprofen.

      Today, I saw his colleague, I asked him for prednisone, he doesn't want to prescribe me prednisone for this situation but he prescribed me muscle relaxers for my TMJ problem.

      Between Sunday and Wednesday, I had my aunt visiting and my house was noisy (conversation, conversation and music on smartphone between my mother, my aunt and other persons) and I have less hours of sleeping.

      I haven't had a good sleeping time between Thursday and Wednesday. I think I will go to see my old family doctor, tomorrow, for a prednisone prescription and I take magnesium, vitamin, vasodilators, ibuprofen for my TMJ disorders.

      What do you think please?
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      Meniere's Disease
      Prednisalone should not be given out so easily as .The oher two doctors are right.
      Love glynis

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